About Us

MISSION Statement - The purpose of our practice.

“Our Mission is to bring meaningful and lasting change to people’s lives, one person at a time.”

CORE Values - The principles that guide us.

High Quality of Care

We strive to provide the highest level of care possible for our patients and clients.  The care of our patients and clients comes first in all we do.  We keep our patients and clients needs at the forefront in all decisions we make.  

Integrity In All We Do

We demonstrate high integrity in all we do. We openly consult with others and meet on a weekly basis for Peer Consultation.

Commitment to Diversity

We display behaviors that clearly show respect for others with any and all diversity. We believe that through diversity of thoughts, ideas, and perspective, we will be able to accomplish great things as a practice, that we would not have been able to do otherwise.

Employee Development

We provide a Path to Partnership for all full time clinicians that can be achieved within several years.  We provide mentoring and regular meetings for development of clinicians.

Clinician & Staff Work/Life Balance

We are committed to making Atlantic Counseling Group a great place to work.  One of the keys components is to provide work flexibility in which Clinicians set their own hours, take days off or hours off when needed, without scheduling it in advance.  For our staff, we also provide the flexibility to set their own hours, switch their start time, and work from home when needed.