Please note: Bob has retired from running DAIP groups at Atlantic Counseling but we have decided to keep this page active in case he decides to come out of retirement one day.

Bob Helpinstill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with almost 20 years of professional experience working with clients in a community mental health setting. He has also worked with clients in a private practice setting since 2003. He is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers--NASW.

Bob’s work with clients is primarily from a cognitive and insight-oriented perspective, focusing on aiding the client in better understanding the causes, impact and meaning of their current struggles and helping them to develop the motivation and skills needed to make positive changes in their lives.

Although his experience in a community mental health setting has given him an opportunity to provide psychotherapy services to a diverse clinical and demographic population, Bob now works primarily with adult men and women and couples. He has extensive training in working with clients around the issues of emotion regulation disruption, impulse control problems and reactivity issues, particularly in a relationship context. He also works with clients to address and manage problems related to anxiety, depression, anger management and trauma experiences.