Sarah Cassette, BS


Sarah Cassette has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology at Longwood University in Virginia. She is currently working on obtaining her Master’s of Education in School Counseling at Liberty University.  Sarah is working towards completing her practicum studies while seeing clients at Atlantic Counseling Group under direct supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Sarah has 5 years of work experience in a school setting working with children from infancy through throughout elementary school.  During this work experience, Sarah has spent time on curriculum building, lesson planning, and ‘2nd Step’ which allows students skill building opportunities in emotional and social challenges.

Recent Master’s level areas of study include topics involving a multitude of subject areas.  Subjects include counseling ‘At risk’ populations, substance abuse, LGBTQ concerns, anxiety and depressive disorders, and counseling in diverse treatment settings.

Current theoretical focus involves elements of Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, and Solution-focused approaches to symptom reduction.

Sarah Cassette is currently under the supervision of Julie Holgate, MS, LPC.