Stephen Deddens, LCSW

Phone: 703-594-8608
Fax:     703-594-8608 (same)

Steve Deddens, LCSW has been working with individuals and families since 1985 and as a therapist since 1997. He has worked in residential settings, as an advocate, as a case manager, and has facilitated large meetings to try to find ways to help families and individuals experiencing a wide range of complications. He especially enjoys seeing the therapy improve his clients situations.

Steve believes it is important to keep up his education by attending regular training; this helps him find new insights into doing effective therapy.  One task he will not change is establishing a trusting, respectful relationship with each client. This means listening patiently and carefully to what is being said, and focusing clearly on what the client would like to do or change. In his experience the desire of those seeking therapy is to better handle feelings of sadness or worry.  It is his desire to help find a solution that works to reduce pain and confusion, whether the need can be addressed through cognitive-behavioral approaches, psycho-educational work, or just basic honest conversation, his end goal is to make living feel more satisfying.