About Us

Existing since 2013, Atlantic Counseling Group, LLC grow out of a desire to provide accessible behavioral health care in a supportive work environment. Our mission is to bring meaningful and lasting change to people's’ lives through the services we offer. The principles guiding our practice include striving towards the highest level of care possible. The care of our clients and patients comes first in all we do. Our employees demonstrate high integrity and frequently have strong ethics towards the care they provide. In addition, we are committed to respecting diversity in all its many forms. We believe through diversity of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, we will accomplish great things as a practice. Clinicians are encouraged to consult with each other through weekly consultation groups. Atlantic Counseling Group is also strongly committed to Clinician and staff work/life balance. One of the key components is to provide work flexibility in which clinicians set their own hours, take days off or hours off when needed, without scheduling in advance. For our staff, we also provide the flexibility to switch their start time and work from home. In addition, we provide many opportunities for growth. We will mentor clinicians to improve professional development. In addition, we provide an advancement path for full time clinicians who are looking to move into more managerial roles. Atlantic Counseling Group also provides practicum and internship experiences.