Parent Groups

Psychoeducational Groups for Parents

Dr. Carol Williams-Nickelson offers the following psychoeducational groups for parents.

Managing the Stress of Raising Children with Challenges and Unique Needs

Parenting a child with unique needs can feel exhausting, overwhelming

and stressful at times:

  • Bracing for that next call from school about your child’s “misbehavior.”

  • Feeling heartbroken observing your child’s peer groups plan social outings while your child watches from the sidelines.

  • Hearing again that your child ate alone during lunch or had nobody to play with during recess or team sports.

  • Feeling the piercing glares from others in the grocery store when your child has a meltdown.

  • Listening to judgmental comments from people who don’t know you or your child.

These are all-too-common experiences for parents of children with unique needs. But you are not alone.

Every parent wants their child to be viewed and treated positively, respectfully, equitably and with compassion and understanding. It can be difficult to know when to speak up for your child, when your child needs to receive (and learn from) a natural consequence, and how to ensure your child receives fair treatment, opportunities and extra support when needed. Effective advocacy is a honed skill and does not come naturally to everyone, but it can create strong relationships and promote positive change that will benefit your child and others.

This group connects parents with each other to share frustrations and wins, and to learn strategies to push forward, together, as part of a caring community. Periodic "Parents Night Out" and "Moms Night Out" activities are also available.

Call or email Dr. Williams-Nickelson for more information about this group.

This is an OPEN group. New clients may join at any point.