Margot Schultz, LPC

Margot Schultz, LPC

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Thank you for coming to look for counseling and a counselor. It is my hope that your experience with therapy will be a positive one. I offer you an open and nonjudgmental mind and a compassionate heart. I offer you a safe place to tell me your story and your struggles. At your disposal, you will have any of the wisdom that I, myself have searched for.

My education includes Marymount University’s Department of Counseling, as well as the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, the Divinity School at Duke University, and the Philosophy Department at Earlham College. I have done on-site training in a women’s shelter, a hospice, a hospital Oncology unit, and a Wellness Center. My chaplaincy training is useful to any clients who wish to bring their faith into the resolving of emotional or behavioral problems. My years as a parent will be useful to clients who struggle with raising their kids. For those who are coming for couples or marriage counseling, I offer you the methods and research of the Gottman Institute.

My therapeutic style is strengths oriented and person-centered. I use CBT, a Cognitive-Behavioral approach, with elements of Mindfulness and principles from Positive Psychology research.

Together we search for every positive resource available within your Self, your Role Models and friends, your family, your cultural community, your career, and your social environment to find strategies and solutions for what is bothering you. I believe you will begin to feel better rapidly once we get to know each other and have agreed on a plan. It is my goal for you to have a fresh start, put on a new perspective, and feel hopeful about your chances of improving the situation you find yourself in.

Margot's dog, Yoshi.