Mike Vazzana, LPC

Mike Vazzana, LPC

Phone: (703) 621-7121

Email: mvazzana@atlcgr.com

Mike Vazzana is taking a Clinical Sabbatical in 2021. He will still be involved in the running of ACG and can be reached by email. If you are looking to schedule a counseling session please contact Client Care by either calling 703-621-7121 or by email at clientcare@atlcgr.com.


Mike Vazzana, LPC, who started his second career as a counselor in 2003, leverages his wide-ranging clinical experience – and his expertise as one of Loudoun County’s leading practitioners in the areas of relational issues, mood/depressive disorders, and various anxiety disorders – to help clients understand and deal with many other sources of pain, conflict, and hurt in their life.

A key aspect of Mike’s philosophy is that other, deeper personal issues often lie at the root of the concerns that lead people into the counselor's office. With that in mind, he works with men, women, couples, and families not only to deal with partner and parent-child conflict, but also to address other concerns such as job stress, sleep disorders, employment struggles, and unresolved issues from childhood. Another aspect of Mike's philosophy is that at times we have periods of negative thinking. To assist clients with changing negative thinking, he has developed a Cognitive Re-Framing Worksheet, that he uses with clients to collect data throughout the week.

Mike’s counseling career has uniquely prepared him to address the wide range of issues facing his clients at Atlantic Counseling Group. Mike developed his specialized skills in helping individuals cope with addictions at Loudoun County Mental Health. There, he successfully educated both clients and their families about the emerging disease model of addiction and the physical and spiritual as well as psychological issues involved.

Mike holds a Masters of Science in Pastoral Counseling, which incorporates spiritual along with psychological principles, from Loyola College. Mike also offers to counsel from a Christian perspective for clients who are seeking it.

Mike Vazzana is not accepting new clients at this time. Please call (703) 621-7121 to schedule an appointment with an available counselor.