Nicole Lefman, MA

Nicole Lefman, MA

Phone: (703) 621-7121


Nicole received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marymount University and is in her first year of residency with Atlantic Counseling Group. Nicole is a person-centered therapist who strives to create a warm, empathetic environment so that clients can feel safe, calm, and comfortable. Nicole aims to make meaningful connections with others to help promote change, and focuses on collaboration throughout the therapeutic process.

Nicole works with child, adolescent, and adult populations ages 6 and up, and places careful emphasis on communication skills, interpersonal dynamics, coping skills, and symptom management in her treatment planning. Nicole values the family system and enjoys working with children, individuals, couples, and families to help improve and strengthen relationships with the goal of helping others feel more connected to what matters to them the most.

While Nicole works with many populations, she focuses mainly on anxiety, depression, life, coping, and communication skills, parenting strategies, behavior modification, inattentiveness/ADHD, and other learning difficulties. Nicole also earned her Clinical Military Counseling Certificate (CMCC) is and knowledgeable about federal government and military culture, military Veterans, and issues uniquely pertinent to military families.

As Nicole progresses through residency, she receives clinical supervision from an LPC.