Counseling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy calls for an active effort on the client’s part in order to be successful; therefore, you and your provider will talk through the problems you are facing and perhaps consider new ways to view your current difficulties. In working with children or adolescents, most providers work with their families to facilitate understanding of developmental issues and to create effective methods of interacting and parenting. In therapy, your provider will discuss goals and objectives, implement intervention techniques, and monitor progress. At times, you may be given tasks to complete at home.

Counseling has benefits as well as risks. In particular, it involves the learning of strengths and weaknesses. Psychotherapy can involve open discussions about unpleasant or painful aspects of your life or history, which may result in uncomfortable levels of sadness, guilt, anger, shame, frustration, loneliness, or helplessness. You may recall unpleasant memories that bother you at school, work, or home. Family secrets may need to be told or discussed. Interventions may lead you to make changes in your relationships or job that are unsettling, unpopular, or difficult. It is possible that problems may worsen temporarily or therapy may not work for you. Most of these risks are to be expected when people start to make important changes in their lives and most likely will be temporary. On the other hand, psychotherapy and counseling have been shown to have distinct benefits. Psychotherapy often leads to a significant reduction in distressful feelings, more satisfaction from family and social relationships, a clearer sense of values, purpose, and goals, strengthened coping skills, increased enjoyment of life, and enhanced overall functioning. Even though positive benefits can occur, they cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, all of our services involve a combined effort between you and your provider. If at any time, either you feel that services are no longer of benefit then this should be brought up with your treatment provider.

Group Counseling

Atlantic Counseling Group offers a wide range of group counseling services. Please see below for more information.

Group Counseling Services