Psychoeducational Youth Camps

Atlantic Counseling Group offers psychoeducational youth camps on teacher workdays!

These intensive day-long experiences provide the opportunity for campers to learn, practice, have fun with peers and receive real-time coaching in key life skill areas – all within a warm, welcoming, accepting, inclusive and comfortable environment. Creating a sense of belonging for every group member is an overarching priority.

Bolstering Confidence and Self-Esteem

Monday, December 30, 9:00am-2:00pm

Having a strong sense of self-worth is important for today’s youth. The purpose of this camp is the help participants challenge their own self-doubt and insecurities to develop or enhance their self-esteem. Youth with positive self-esteem are able to know and accept themselves, be compassionate towards self and others, act with integrity and based on personal convictions and values, use healthy coping skills, and believe in their unconditional worth – and the worth of others -- despite changing circumstances around them. This camp focuses on empowering and embracing a positive, strong sense of self.

*Send lunch, snack and water bottle.

ADHD and Emotional Regulation

Thursday, January 2, 9:00am-2:00pm

Sometimes youth feel defined by their ADHD. This camp helps participants understand that despite their challenges, they have many gifts such as being highly creative, intelligent and emotionally attuned to others. These characteristics are more important to their identity, sense of self and success than the difficulties they have with managing distractions, staying calm, expressing emotions and following through. Various coping skills and strategies for taking control of thoughts, feelings and behaviors will be addressed throughout this camp experience.

*Send lunch, snack and water bottle.

Understanding and Managing Stress and Anxiety

Friday, January 3, 9:00am-2:00pm

The pressures that youth face today to meet high, sometimes unrealistic expectations that others place on them or that they place on themselves can lead to stress, anxiety, emotionality and even fear of failure. But, how do we learn if we can’t ever make mistakes? Perfectionism is seen as the ideal, even though it is not attainable or even desirable for balanced living. Self-care is often viewed as indulgent and down time is often misattributed as laziness. These and other unsustainable practices and flawed beliefs create anxiety. Being motivated to do well is different from being driven to consistently excel in every situation or aspect of life. This camp helps participants create healthier perspectives and behaviors that buffer stress and prevent chronic anxiety.

*Send lunch, snack and water bottle.

Social Emotional Learning

Monday, February 17, 9:00am-2:00pm

Social emotional learning (SEL) is the process for acquiring the necessary social and emotional skills for everyday success. These skills include understanding ourselves and our abilities (self-awareness), using self-control (self-management), understanding the expectations, norms and customs in different environments and with different people in order to interact effectively and positively within various settings (social awareness), maintaining positive relationships with others, having empathy for others, and understanding your impact on others and their impact on you (relationship skills), making good choices and setting goals (decision-making), and much more. This camp focuses teaching participants some of the key skills necessary to be successful, happy, involved and appropriate members of a group and community with the confidence to embrace who they are, use their voice and opinions to participate equally with others, accept challenges, take risks, and work towards finding their individual path to success.

*Send lunch, snack and water bottle.

Camps provide an engaging day of self- exploration, skill-building and greater self-awareness that is full of fun and friendship. The day includes interactive learning modules, activities, art expression, fames and social experiences in an environment that fosters a genuine sense of belonging through acceptance, inclusion, positive reinforcement and the identification of individual strengths.